AXM by AminAyub

"Anak x Melayu By AminAyub is actually one of Amin's latest ongoing collaboration project. AxM (Anak x Melayu) is a small graphic tee joint which aims to raise awareness of the Malay Language. In general, the language used on these tees are rather simple and straight forward for most but little that we realize that the younger generation is slowly losing their touch when it comes to language, what more ethics. We try to keep the language and graphics cool and modern for sure!

So this collaboration project aims to get the word out and raise the awareness that even graphic tees in Malay Language can be as hip and cool as the other graphic tees out in the market.

This collection features a 5 piece project which is designed and created by Amin around 5 words/phrases which he personally believe would look cool be it on a casual Malay hipster or just a normal Malay nerd. It is meant to look totally effortless and the message conveyed does not seemed forced. So do check out the designs and the various ways you can work as simple graphic tee!"